Corporate Culture

    Jiahong packaging takes the enterprises trusted by customers as the goal, and the products and services we manufacture must be the best choice for customers. We will continue to develop low pollution packaging machinery and PP / PET packaging belt manufacturing to maintain the earth's environment and protect it from industrial pollution. In the face of the rapid changes in the industrial environment in the future, we will grasp the market opportunity, improve our product structure, marketing strategy and enterprise management, and provide customers with complete and professional automated packaging solutions. We will build the core competitiveness, grasp the present, look forward to the future, and create value for customers。

    Focusing on the pressure brought by the increasing cost of labor and packaging materials, we promise to design and customize the & quot; cost recovery within one year & quot; automatic packaging solutions for customers, adhere to the & quot; green is the necessary condition for Sustainable Development & quot; as the purpose, advocate customers to use environmental protection packaging belt, achieve the most perfect packaging effect, and help customers improve product core Competitive advantage。
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